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    ProJet MJP 3600 Max
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    ProJet MJP 3600 Max
    The 3D Systems multi-jet printing (MJP) process can produce precision plastic parts, which is ideal for multiple applications such as functional prototyping and rapid mold manufacturing. Rigid or flexible parts can be printed using ABS-like plastics and actual elastomers to achieve true functionality and performance. When manufacturing complex parts with special functions such as over-injection, it is even possible to create composite materials through tailor-made mechanical properties, and use multiple materials for printing.
      MJP can achieve outstanding high resolution, with layer thicknesses as low as 13 microns. Provides a variety of printing modes to facilitate the selection of the best combination of resolution and printing speed, so that it is easy to find a combination that suits your needs. The surface of the part is smooth and clean, which can reach the accuracy of SLA standard in many applications.
      ProJet MJP 3600 and 3600 Max realize large-scale modeling volume and fast printing speed, which can produce more parts in a shorter time.
    Speed ​​up time to market  
    MJP users all over the world can bring products to market faster. Quickly complete design verification, performance and manufacturability testing, and promote coordination among stakeholders, while ensuring that the prototype and design intent are accurately matched.
      Quality improvement
    Faster completion of the testing and review cycle is conducive to early detection and repair of design defects. Make sure that the product has passed a full range of tests before investing in tool production costs.  
    The faster the repetition, the stronger the innovation ability
    Help your team to test more design concepts to provide better products. When it becomes simple to try and implement new ideas, creativity can be stimulated.
      Reduce costs
    Accurate prototypes make communication between technicians and suppliers smoother, thus avoiding costly rework. MJP can also be used for rapid mold manufacturing and the cost is lower than the traditional manufacturing of tools, fixtures and fixtures.  
    Advantages of multi-jet printing  
    ProJet MJP 3600 series and 5500X apply multi-jet printing technology with high fidelity and faithful to CAD design.
      Reliable results
    Print high-precision parts to maintain integrity over time, allowing you to make decisions with confidence.
      Simple post-processing
    The surface processing of MJP parts is as simple as melting wax. No manual scraping, high-pressure water jets, corrosive chemicals or other special equipment requirements are required.
      High resolution with precision to extremely fine details
    The high resolution achieved by multi-jet printing means that even the subtle features can be fully displayed-there is no risk of damaging the subtle features in the post-processing process.
      Sharpened corners
    Welcome to compare-MJP produced parts with clear geometric shapes
      Give geometric design more freedom
    Some printers cannot remove the support in a small space, so the freedom of design is limited. MJP uses wax support, which can be melted and removed even in a small space.
      Industrial print head
    Each MJP printer is equipped with an industrial-grade print head with long service life and high reliability.