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    The ProJet® x60 (ProJet® 260C belongs to the x60 series) series of professional printers have established the standard for true full-color printing, speed and economic applicability. ProJet® x60 series consistently full color

    Color and high quality can perfectly reflect the design concept

    • Realistic and vivid color models can be generated in one step
    • Better communicate the look, feel and style of product design
    • 3D printing print text labels, logos, design notes or images directly on the model
    • A range of options: from monochrome printing to professional-quality color printing
    • Multiple print heads for the most accurate and consistent color range

      Safe, suitable for office, easy to use

      Suitable for daily use in any standard office and school environment

    • Noise-free, safe and tasteless
    • Provide continuous negative pressure to ensure that airborne particles will not escape the machine
    • Eco-friendly, non-hazardous construction materials
    • Zero waste liquid discharge
    • There is no support structure to remove, no cutting tools and no toxic chemicals
    • Minimum training and expertise required
    • Intuitive control panel to ensure easy operation

      The fastest printing speed

      Provide the highest speed and large production volume for different applications

    • 5 to 10 times faster than all other technologies
    • Export models in hours instead of days
    • Build multiple models at the same time
    • Easily support the entire department

      Low cost of use

      Good quality and low price, suitable for all industry applications

    • Unused core material can be recycled for the next construction, eliminating waste
    • No support required
    • Parts costs are only a small part of competing technologies
    • Based on reliable and affordable color inkjet printing technology (CJP)


    • Features

    • Extremely convenient connection
    • The fastest printing speed
    • Full color high resolution
    • Large parts construction capacity


      VisiJet® material for ProJet® x60 series

      The VisiJet® material series provides many properties to meet various commercial applications. The ProJet® x60 series 3D printers of the 3D system use color inkjet printing technology (CJP) and VisitJet®PXL™ materials to build robust, high-resolution, full-color concept models, components and prototypes, suitable for reproducing designs and enhancing Communicate and reduce R&D and production costs. The application industries of the printing model include: transportation, energy, consumer goods, entertainment, healthcare, education and other vertical markets. The generated parts can be sanded, drilled, tapped, painted, and electroplated, which further expands the options available for the various characteristics of the finished part. In addition, this model is resistant to high temperatures and is very suitable for digital manufacturing and modeling applications.


      Impregnant ColorBond™ StrengthMax™ Salt Water Cure™
      Constitute VisiJet® PXL™ VisiJet® PXL™ VisiJet® PXL™
      Tensile strength, MPa 14.2 26.4 2.38
      Elongation at break,% 0.23 0.21 0.04
      Modulus of elasticity, MPa 9450 12560 12855
      Flexural strength, MPa 31.1 44.1 13.1
      Tensile modulus, MPa 7,163 10,680 6,355
      Description Instant curing impregnant, suitable for color models, can improve the strength, color and color stability. Binary infiltration agent, suitable for functional models, can significantly improve the strength of the model. Environmentally friendly, harmless impregnant. Suitable for monochrome models and color draft models. The surface hardness and modulus can be enhanced by dipping or spraying.


      Part characteristics after impregnation




     Application range: Suitable for many fields such as mechanical design, medical care, AEC (architecture, engineering and construction), education, geospace, entertainment, etc.