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    Seattle Children's Hospital is one of the five largest pediatric research centers in the United States. It is mainly engaged in research on child health and is committed to helping children around the world to dispel diseases. The hospital's bioengineers used 3D Systems' V-Flash(R) desktop 3D printer in the process of respiratory and perinatal infection research. The problem faced by the staff is how to make complex organic shape models such as the chest wall, spine, and nasopharynx. Bioengineer Jachinago of the Development Therapy Center under the hospital said: “It is very difficult to accurately make a nasopharyngeal model of premature infants, but these models are indispensable, otherwise we will not be able to carry out the interface Check."

    After some investigation, the staff found the V-Flash(R) 3D printer of 3D Systems and bought one from the dealer HS&S Machinery Hardware and Measuring Tool Company. V-Flash(R) printers are priced under US,000, using liquid crystal materials and unique imaging methods to produce high-quality detailed models and parts. With this printer, the staff at Seattle Children's Hospital can use Vworks software to import the baby's CT scan into the printer and directly make a model.
    Chinago said: "With V-Flash?, we can make accurate infant nasopharyngeal models based on CT scans. In fact, our hospital is the first to make three-dimensional models of children’s nasal cavity and oral cavity. Institutions. These models help us to detect airway devices such as nasal cannulas."