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    sPro 230
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    sPro 230
    The sPro™ 230 corporate printer uses an advanced digital imaging system to build large (up to 30 inches/750 mm long) durable digital plastic high-precision parts. This series of printers is divided into two models: sPro 230 Base and sPro 230 HS.
    The sPro™ SLS® center can fulfill the requirements of rapid prototyping through powder utilization/recycling, partial modeling and integration capabilities.
    sPro™ 230, using a wide range of available materials, this system can quickly manufacture high-definition, durable plastic parts up to 30 inches (750 mm) in length. This commercial system can be put into use at any time, with the functions of fully automatic powder processing and recycling, and material traceability. Can be upgraded to a high-speed version with large throughput.
    The extended range of sPro 230 product options provide a new level of speed, enclosure and performance. The new generation of sPro™ commercial 3D printers have faster construction speed, lower printing costs and parts accuracy. Based on 3D Systems' patents and mature SLS® technology, these new sPro™SLS® commercial 3D printers can quickly generate up to 30 inches (750 mm), tough and durable parts and models.
    Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®)
    What is laser sintering?
    Our SLS® commercial 3D printer builds accurate parts directly from 3D CAD data, without tools, and uses CO2 lasers to cover powder materials and composite materials layer by layer on solid sections. SLS® commercial 3D printers provide high throughput, build volumes up to 30 inches (750 mm), have good part resolution and accuracy, and can use a wide range of printing materials. No process can better adapt to functional prototypes or direct manufacturing applications, and it has extremely high requirements for part toughness and durability.
    SLS can quickly and economically convert your design into the final plastic part, and there is no longer a time and cost problem in mold use. We believe in this.
    Application field:
    Suitable for castings, engines, pneumatic equipment, aviation, machinery manufacturing and other fields, especially offices.