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    ProX DMP 320
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    ProX DMP 320

    ProX DMP 320 can be easily expanded to handle mass production of parts. The central server manages print jobs, materials, settings, and maintenance work to achieve excellent all-weather productivity. Shared resources including cooling and powder recovery systems greatly improve efficiency.

     3D Systems' ready-to-use materials have a wide variety of printing parameters set to help you obtain high-quality parts and good mechanical properties.
    The convertible manufacturing module provided by ProX DMP 320 can realize rapid conversion or replenishment of materials under the selected printer configuration.
    The 3D Systems direct metal printing process uses a laser beam to melt metal powder layer by layer to construct dense and chemically pure complex metal parts based on 3D CAD data, thereby creating industry-leading parts quality, precise details, high accuracy and repeatability.
    The rich experience of the global product support service team will benefit you a lot. We will arrange professional services and application engineers to meet your strict quality requirements in various production locations around the world.