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    SLM500 equipment
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    1. The standard configuration of selective laser melting equipment SLM 500 includes the powder screening station PSX. As a fully automated powder screening equipment, it is specially designed for the screening and supply of large amounts of metal powder, especially suitable for the production field.

    2. All processes in the PSX powder screening station are carried out in an inert gas environment. At the beginning of the screening process, the excess metal powder spilled from the SLM 500 spreading powder will be sent to the PSX for vibrating screening by means of a conveyor shaft; then, the required powder will be screened out from the recovered powder, and particles that cannot meet or exceed the specified particle size will be Be blocked and sent to overflow bottle. On the contrary, the powder that meets the specified particle size is sent to a 90L storage container and can be reused directly.

    3. By using the powder screening station PSX, the selective laser melting equipment SLM 500 can be continuously and automatically supplied with the screening powder from the storage container.