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    In the automotive industry, whether it is launching a certified car or an exhibited car, whether it is launching a new car, a modified car or an upgraded car, it must go through the important process of product trial production. The trial production objects of automobile products mainly refer to prototype cars, body parts, parts of body parts, interior and exterior trims and parts.  
       Because of its unique technical advantages and cost advantages, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing have been increasingly used in the trial production of automotive products. In particular, foreign automobile design companies and vehicle development companies generally have specialized automobile trial-manufacturing departments or commissioned special automobile trial-manufacturing companies to complete the manufacturing of concept cars, verification cars, and test cars, and then review the appearance, The power transmission configuration, structural rationality and overall balance are inspected, and the product design will be improved and revised when problems are found, so as to solve the problems as soon as possible and avoid waste of costs.
      Main application process  
      1. Direct application of RP prototype
         RP prototypes can be made using SLA, 3DP, SLS and other technologies, and RP prototypes can be used for CAD digital model visualization, design evaluation, interference inspection, and even some functional tests. In addition, the prototype allows users to intuitively understand the appearance and performance of products that have not been put into mass production and can make timely evaluations, enabling the factory to improve products in time according to user needs, creating favorable conditions for product sales and avoiding the possibility of blind production The loss caused.
         For some small auto parts with complex structure and fine surface texture, SLA prototype is the most suitable prototype production process, which can ensure the processing of fine patterns. For auto parts with simple structure and larger size, the cost of machining prototype parts with traditional CNC lathes will be lower.
        2. Use VCM vacuum infusion small batch production technology to manufacture prototypes
        VCM vacuum injection molding silicone mold technology has been widely used in the rapid manufacturing of small batches of plastic parts. Its main advantages are low cost, simple process and fine appearance. In automobile trial production, it is mainly used to process small and medium-sized plastic parts, such as water tank masks and car lights. Generally, different casting materials and post-treatment processes can be used to achieve different application requirements.
        3. Using RIM low pressure reaction injection small batch production technology to manufacture prototypes
      For some large-scale automobile prototypes that are difficult to mold with VCM silicone mold technology, low pressure reaction injection (RIM) technology can be used to mold. The basic method is to use CNC, RP, FRP mold technology and other methods to obtain the RIM mold male mold from the CAD data And the master mold, and then use the RIM molding machine to inject the rough part, and then go through the process of polishing and painting to obtain the final sample.