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    The application of RP and RM technology in the medical field mainly focuses on three aspects: orthopedics, implants and medical devices. Orthopedics and implants, such as orthopedics of teeth, prostheses, dental and orthopedic implants, etc. The use of RP and RM technology to assist medical treatment can solve many medical problems, or improve the medical plan, shorten the operation time, and make the patient recover faster while bearing less pain.
        The scope of medical equipment can include health care equipment, medical rehabilitation equipment, nursing equipment, new medical equipment and other products. In China, with the improvement of people's living standards and the country's vigorous advocacy, there is huge room for the development of the medical device industry. More and more medical device design and production companies are starting to learn from their counterparts in European and American countries, and use rapid prototyping or rapid manufacturing processes to achieve product design, structural testing, assembly verification, silicone mold design and production, and small batch mold design and production. Improve the efficiency of new products, improve product quality, and effectively reduce manpower and material costs.
      Main application process
        1. Direct application of RP prototype
         RP prototype in the field of medical orthopedics, on the one hand, is mainly used for surgical planning communication, surgical simulation, and human organ teaching and display, on the other hand, it is mainly used for medical device design verification, assembly testing, etc.
        2. Using SLS powder sintering molding technology to manufacture final products
        Using SLS powder sintering molding technology, implants, orthopedic tools and medical devices can be directly manufactured. The advantage is that different application products can be customized according to the different conditions of the patient to achieve the best medical effect.
      3. VCM vacuum injection small batch production or mass production combined with traditional manufacturing process
        Using prototype parts combined with small batch production technology or traditional manufacturing technology, rapid production and manufacturing of medical products can be realized.