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    ProX 500
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    ProX 500
    A mass-produced 3D printer specially prepared for the manufacture of tough plastic parts.
      ProX™ 500 selective laser sintering 3D printer can print more accurate, durable, and high-quality quality parts. This model has a compact industrial-grade system, easy to use and affordable. The ProX 500 printer designed for the manufacturing class can print out-of-the-box functional parts and complete post-processing. It is widely used in aerospace, automobiles, medical equipment, fashion accessories, mobile phone cases, etc.
      The miniaturized ProX printer uses the revolutionary DuraForm® ProX printing material, which can print smooth wall surfaces and quality injection-molded parts with high resolution and image edge definition. The integration of new printers and materials has greatly enhanced the utilization of available materials, and more than 80% of the materials can be reused.
      ProX 500 is equipped with 3D Systems' latest printing equipment, automatic optional dynamic nesting, and automatic material handling mode, which can simplify production and recycle materials to make high-quality products every time.
      The ProX™ 500 3D printer is a selective laser sintering (SLS®) mass production 3D printer with the toughness, part quality and economic characteristics of SLS technology. Designed for the smooth integration of manufacturing processes, ProX 500 can produce a variety of end-use and functional originals. Application areas include aerospace, medicine, industrial design, etc. Using ProX 500 3D printer and DuraForm® plastic materials can produce parts with resolution, surface finish and sharp edges.  
    Ensure repeatability, consistency, tool-free manufacturing and production of durable functional parts that can be printed quickly. In addition, the ProX 500 3D printer is equipped with mature automated production mode, mobile production control and material recycling functions, so the return rate is faster.
      A mass production 3D printer specially prepared for the manufacture of tough plastic parts
    • Produce durable parts with excellent mechanical properties
    • Consistent mechanical performance independent of the build position
    • Smooth surface treatment, the highest resolution and edge definition among all SLS systems
    • More economical and environmentally friendly, 80% of materials can be recycled
    • Streamlined production control, including automatic powder handling
    • Save the total cost of the enterprise (TCO)
    • DuraForm® ProX-Engineering production material with higher strength and durability
    • Build fast, high-throughput 3D parts nesting