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    A mold is an industrial product that is shaped into a material in a certain structure in a certain way. It is also a production tool that can mass produce industrial product parts with certain shape and size requirements. From airplanes and automobiles to tea cups and nails, almost all industrial products must be formed by molds. The high precision, high consistency, and high productivity of using molds to produce parts are unmatched by any other processing method. The quality of the mold determines to a large extent the quality, efficiency and new product development capabilities of the product.
        The requirements for mold design and production are: accurate size, smooth surface; reasonable structure, high production efficiency, easy to automate; easy manufacturing, high life, low cost; design meets the needs of the process, economical and reasonable. For plastic molds and die-casting molds, it is also necessary to consider a reasonable pouring system, molten plastic or metal flow state, and the position and direction of entering the cavity, that is, to design the runner system well.
         High-efficiency, high-precision, and long-life molds should be used in mass production, such as metal molds made using rapid manufacturing technology. In small batch production and trial production of new products, simple molds with simple structure, fast manufacturing, and low cost should be used, such as VCM vacuum injection silicone molds and RIM low pressure reaction injection molds.
      According to incomplete statistics, the annual consumption value of molds in the machining industry is five times the total value of various machine tools. The large consumption of molds not only directly increases production costs, but also causes frequent shutdowns of a large number of production lines due to frequent mold changes. Economic loss. Mold failures are actually scrapped due to local material wear on the surface. Therefore, it is only necessary to repair the worn parts of the surface of the mold and key metal parts, and add the actual surface of the mold surface that actually bears the wear during the repair process. The upper layer of high hardness and wear resistant metal can "turn waste into treasure" and repair the mold.
        In Rapdisise rapid manufacturing service center, we can provide diversified solutions for mold manufacturing according to the needs of each customer. For example, for metal molds, we can directly manufacture a complete metal mold for customers, or manufacture mold inserts or special-shaped runner systems, or provide customers with mold repair services.
      Main application technology and process
        1. Small batch rapid mold technology-VCM vacuum injection silicone mold, RIM low pressure reaction injection mold
         For the specific introduction of VCM vacuum injection small batch production technology and RIM low pressure injection small batch production technology, you can directly click to view.
        2. Rapid casting-using RP rapid prototype parts combined with traditional casting process
         For the specific introduction of rapid casting, you can click to view it directly.
        3. SLS metal powder sintering molding technology-direct and rapid manufacturing of metal molds that can be used for manufacturing
         Regarding the direct manufacturing of metal molds, SLS metal powder sintering molding technology is mainly used, and its advantages are:
    It is not limited by the shape and structure, and can maximize the rational design and layout of the mold runner system. The runner surface is smooth and smooth, so that the quality of the injection molded product is higher, the molding time is shorter, and the production waste is less .
     Mold shell and runner system are integrally formed without seams, which is strong and durable.
    Compared with traditional mold manufacturing technology, the time to manufacture molds using SLS metal powder sintering molding technology can be greatly shortened by more than 70%. In today's era when time is money, for manufacturers or manufacturers, rapid manufacturing technology gives them Brings a significant benefit improvement.
    Various varieties of metal materials used for sintering and excellent performance can meet the mold quality requirements of different production fields