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         The instrumentation industry mainly serves the petrochemical, aerospace, defense, communications, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, rail transit and other mid- to high-end fields. With the development and progress of the target industry, the instrumentation industry also needs to vigorously strengthen design, manufacturing and quality Test ability. The traditional product development model and process can no longer meet the requirements of the new situation. Only by seeking change and innovation can there be development and progress.
      We have the most advanced and complete rapid prototyping equipment in the country, as well as excellent post-processing professionals and dust-free spray booths. We can carry out a complete set of surface treatments such as grinding, ash spraying, painting, sandblasting, etc., to satisfy customers Requirements for high-quality samples.
      Application process  
      1. Use VCM vacuum injection molding small batch production technology to manufacture prototypes  
      VCM vacuum injection molding silicone mold technology has been widely used in the rapid manufacturing of small batches of plastic parts. Its main advantages are low cost, simple process and fine appearance. One silicone mold can generally produce 20 to 30 sets of finished products in small batches.  
      2. Using RIM low-pressure reaction injection small batch production technology to manufacture prototypes
      For some large samples that are difficult to mold with VCM silicone mold technology, low pressure reaction injection (RIM) technology can be used to mold. The basic method is to use CNC, RP, glass fiber reinforced plastic mold technology and other methods to obtain the male mold and the RIM mold from the CAD data. The master mold is then injected with a RIM molding machine to obtain a rough part, and then the final sample is obtained through processes such as polishing and painting. One set of RIM mold can generally produce about 200 sets of finished products in small batches.