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    Sinterit releases three accessories including vacuum cleaners for its low-cost SLS system

    Sinterit is a low-cost selective laser sintering (SLS) system manufacturer in Poland. On April 23, 2020, Antarctic Bear learned from foreign media that The company recently released several accessories for SLS equipment, including: vacuum, sandblasting machine and platform. These tools are mainly used in Sinterit's Lisa and Lisa PRO 3D printers.

    △Sinterit ATEX vacuum cleaner with cyclone, picture provided by Sinterit company.

    Sinterit ATEX vacuum cleaner with cyclone separator is a specially designed vacuum cleaner used to remove unsintered powder in the printing room for reuse in future work. E.U.'s ATEX certification is to verify that the machine can safely handle potentially hazardous materials such as SLS powder. The cyclone separator can separate the reusable powder during the vacuuming process, so that it can be conveniently returned to the printer for subsequent printing.

    △Picture provided by Sinterit company

    Sandblaster XL is an upgraded version of the original sandblaster, designed for large Lisa PRO users. In addition to having a work space twice as large as the original Sandblaster, the device also includes two independent nozzles, lighting, multiple nozzle diameters and more protective PE film.

    △Sandblaster XL, picture provided by Sinterit.

    The Sinterit platform is designed for Lisa and Lisa PRO systems. It can be used to transport these petite and heavy systems to make them more comfortable and easy to use. The height of the platform is designed to provide users with more ergonomic design so that they can more easily take out the printer and maintain the printer. The height of the legs can be adjusted according to the use of Lisa or Lisa PRO.

    △Sinterit platform, picture source: Sinterit company.

    Just as HP is working to develop more automated post-processing units for its multi-jet fusion machine, or Formlabs is developing new rinsing and curing stations for stereolithography parts, companies like Sinterit are also releasing their own necessary accessories. , Such as powder screens, and continue to improve as their printers are released.

    It is also worth noting that although Lisa and Lisa PRO are lower-cost machines, compared with industrial-grade SLS printers, the necessary accessories are likely to increase the overall price of the printer. Nevertheless, Sinterit's own post-processing products may be cheaper than related products of large SLS machines. Therefore, we may see some interesting innovations, such as the built-in Cyclone Separator unit, and these innovations can only be provided by cost-conscious start-ups like this.