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    3D Systems launched a variety of new products such as metal, SLS and desktop printers, customizing additive manufacturing solutions for customers

    Using advanced materials, hardware, software and customized services to solve a wide range of customer needs
    The introduction of new production-grade materials will enrich the existing material combination and make the printing technology more comprehensive
    The new printing platform enables customers to achieve seamless connection from prototype to production
    Advanced engineering software combination based on cloud service extension to ensure and optimize equipment running time
    New professional-level service team helps customers use 3D printing technology without barriers
    Denver, Colorado, November 7, 2017-3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) announced that it will provide customers with tailor-made solutions. The launch of new products will enhance the company's product line and provide a wide range of additive manufacturing software, services and technologies, enabling 3D Systems to provide better services to customers in different fields.
    3D Systems is launching new production-grade plastic and metal materials, workflow software and a new generation of printers, making full use of 3D Systems’ experience in additive manufacturing over 30 years, application knowledge, and global companies to help customers achieve Seamless transition from prototype to production.
    Vyomesh Joshi (VJ), President and CEO of 3D Systems, pointed out: “We believe that these customized solutions can change the rules of customers and the industry, and help customers use 3D printing technology without barriers. We firmly believe that our innovative ability will drive strategy The pace of implementation has been accelerated to help customers quickly realize the transition from prototype to production, and across all vertical industries, across the gap between traditional manufacturing and additive manufacturing."
    - New generation plastic and metal production equipment --
    The first scalable fully integrated production platform launched by 3D Systems can manufacture durable, reusable and end-use plastic and metal parts, providing manufacturers with true factory-level solutions.

    3D Systems' Figure 4 modular expansion platform produces small plastic parts 15 times more than ordinary printers, and the cost is 20% lower than the general manufacturing process. Figure 4 is designed based on the idea of ​​Chuck Hull, the founder of 3D printing and now the chief technology officer of 3D Systems.

    3D Systems also released a new generation of factory-level printer DMP 8500 Factory Solution, which can efficiently print large-size metal parts. The powder management module and closed-loop system of DMP 8500 Factory Solution ensure that the quality of voltage prints is balanced, repeatable, and operating costs are lower.

    Similar to Figure 4, the modular design of the new DMP 8500 Factory Solution reduces the required solid capital equipment and maximizes benefits. DMP 8500 aims to enable users to scale production, manage manufacturing and operation processes and minimize manpower input to achieve leading production efficiency in a factory environment.
    - New service team and cloud technical support --
    To help customers incorporate printing technology into their production systems, 3D Systems will introduce a professional service team to provide services ranging from consulting and installing equipment to ensuring the normal operation of equipment.
    The new team is familiar with the expertise accumulated by 3D Systems for more than 30 years, combined with 3D printing technology, manufacturing process software, application engineering expertise and global technical team, and is committed to providing customers with quality services.

    3D Sytems will also launch 3D Connect software, which is a cloud-based software solution that provides proactive maintenance and predictive support for a variety of environments with different production scales, from a single environment to a diversified environment. 3D Connect will provide remote services and support the use of multiple printers. This software will be integrated into new devices and selected devices in early 2018.

    - SLS new products and new materials extend new applications of plastic printing --

    3D Systems SLS platform launched a new product ProX SLS 6100, and released three new nylon materials at the same time. ProX SLS 6100 has a large molding size, and operating costs are greatly reduced.

    New SLS materials include DuraForm FR1200 flame-retardant nylon, DuraForm EX BLK nylon 11 and DuraForm AF+ aluminum filled nylon.

    DuraForm ProX FR1200

    DuraForm ProX EX BLK

    DuraForm ProX AF+

    ProX SLS 6100 can print robust, high-resolution end-use parts and functional prototypes. This device has 3D Sprint software that automatically manages materials and optimizes part printing, and the price is very competitive.

    In addition to the new products of the SLS platform, new engineering-grade materials have also been added under the 3D Systems MJP platform. The newly introduced materials have higher durability and lower printing costs.
    The new engineering material has the characteristics of strong, ABS-like texture, transparent texture appearance, medium and low modulus, elongation, and high impact strength. A new hard gray material provides high contrast for detailed observation. In addition, several of its rigid materials have been certified by the United States Pharmacopoeia Level 6 and have passed the ISO 10993 application license for medical devices.

    Strong, ABS-like, transparent plastic appearance, the VisiJet Armor (M2G-CL) material used for ProJet MJP 2500 Plus combines certain stretchability and toughness. It has a wide range of applications, and the manufactured components can basically meet various engineering needs.

    VisiJet Armor (M2G-CL)

    VisiJet ProFlex (M2G-DUR) material is suitable for making hinges and other applications that require durability and excellent flexibility. Transparent texture similar to polypropylene, impact resistance, and strong flexibility endow it with excellent engineering performance.

    VisiJet ProFlex (M2G – DUR)

    VisiJet M2R-GRY material is a gray material with high stiffness. The high visual contrast makes this material very suitable for functional applications that require fine details. As a material that has passed the USP level 6 certification, it can be used in medical applications, such as surgical guides.

    VisiJet M2R-GRY
    - Entry-level industrial desktop machine --

    3D Systems will launch the industrial-grade desktop machine FabPro 1000, an entry-level production printer developed for engineers, designers, jewellers and manufacturers. FabPro 1000 uses first-class software, and simply places it on the desktop to quickly print high-quality parts at a low price.

    - Hand in hand with new partners --
    BMW signed a contract with 3D Systems as a partner. 3D Systems will provide BMW with on-demand manufacturing services (ODM), including BMW's 3D printed parts for design and functional prototypes.