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    Turn life from reality into 3D scan data
    Capture life in three dimensions and discover the charm of physical photography through the Sense 3D scanner. Enjoy every inch of your favorite memory, whether it's graduation season, wedding, taking baby home, vacation or traveling around the world, all your feelings will be expressed in the form of 3D models
      Sense has a compact shape and high capture ability. Whether it is a beautiful cake or a full-length portrait, the data can be converted into a file that can be 3D printed in a few seconds.
         The scan size of Sense is between 0.2m and 3m. The device will adjust the scan settings by itself, including small scans (below 46 cm), medium scans (81 cm) using busts as an example, and large scans (below 183 cm) for full body images or scene scans.
      Sense scanner can create 20,000 to 400,000 triangles when performing a new 3D scan.
         Sense scanner uses PrimeSense technology first-class laser scanning to ensure that the eyes are not harmed. It has an intuitive user interface, and built-in tools that can automatically zoom, track, focus, crop, upgrade, and share, and no design experience is required. Sense software can generate STL and PLY (color) files from the final scanned image, which can be printed directly on Cube, CubeX series and other printers.
        The systems that support Sense3D scanner operation are Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.  
       Other features of Sense3D scanner:  
       Let life move: Sense3D scanner is compatible with the mobile device Microsoft Surface(TM) Pro 2 tablet computer for scanning.  
       Correction to zero: the automatic target recognition system can accurately acquire the target. Even in the context of chaotic dynamics, you can only grab what you want.  
      Mix and match art: You can merge the scanned image with the model on Cubify, or other model designs to make a new model.