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    Artec L
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    Artec L
       Artec L™ 3D scanner has a wide range of field of view and depth of view among all Artec products. This means that this scanner can digitize the appearance of large objects in a few seconds. This scanner is suitable for scanning the appearance of large objects, such as human bodies, car shells or large statues.  

       Overall shape capture  
       ArtecTM 3D scanner is a 3D video camera, each frame is a 3D stereo image. The scanning process is very straightforward; just walk around the scanned object to capture data from various angles, and the attached software automatically stitches all scanned frames together to make it a three-dimensional object.
       no need to post a mark
         No need to paste mark points on the scanned object to complete the scanning process. The software uses the unique surface structure on the scanned object to arrange the captured combined 3D frame data to merge them.
      High speed and high precision
         Thanks to its outstanding scanning speed of 500,000 dots per second, the ArtecTM 3D scanner maintains a resolution of up to 0.2mm and an accuracy of up to 0.5mm. The speed is ten times faster than a laser scanner.
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