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    3D Systems signed a contract with BMW to become a partner-to provide BMW BMW with on-demand manufacturing services and accelerate the pace of BMW innovation

    Denver, Colorado, November 7, 2017-3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) announced that it has signed a contract with BMW as a partner. The contracted on-demand manufacturing services include the production of 3D printed parts for automotive design and functional prototypes.

    3D Systems will use SLA, SLS technology and processing services (such as painting, dyeing and polishing) to make prototypes, functional test pieces and fixtures for BMW. These prints will be tested in summer and winter weather to verify that their design is appropriate, and to understand the functioning of auto parts in extreme weather.

    3D Systems will combine printing technology and various materials to make durable functional parts. For example, 3D Systems uses DuraForm HST Composite (glass fiber filled plastic) to make printed parts for automotive powertrains and parts under the hood.

    DuraForm HST Composite is a fiber-reinforced engineering plastic with high stiffness and high temperature resistance. It is a high-quality choice for making durable prototypes in the automotive industry.

    DuraForm HST Composite
    3D Systems and BMW have a long-term cooperative relationship. They not only provide BMW with high-quality components, but also seek clear production processes and solutions through BMW's professional engineering knowledge. In addition, in order to meet BMW's large demand for rapid prototyping, 3D Systems will also customize its parts through traditional processing such as polyurethane casting, injection molding and CNC.

    Zade Avo, the senior vice president and general manager of 3D Systems’ global on-demand manufacturing services division, said: “3D Systems and BMW have been partners for many years. We are very happy to deepen our partnership through this contract. 3D Systems has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the automotive industry. We provide end-to-end solutions, not only with on-demand manufacturing services, but also with printing technology, various materials and software support, which allows us to provide customers with work processes Provide tailor-made solutions."