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    3D printed pet sculptures to commemorate the companions who accompany life

    I believe everyone has watched a movie "The Mission of a Dog" some time ago. Dogs will spend their entire lives with their masters, and even reincarnations in the next life will also accompany you. July 5th is the pet anniversary. Many people will miss pets who have been with them for many years.
    On this day, a 3D printing pet sculpture expert event organized by Arty Lobster kicked off. Pet Magazine is a charity organization, and the goal of the day's event is to raise funds for The Oldies Club, a charity organization dedicated to finding a new home for dogs seven and over.
    Lars B Andersen said: "Many of our sculptures are bought by people as pet souvenirs. Because Arty Lobster can make 3D printed sculptures from photos, this popular way can create a favorite 3D pet to represent memorial. The process of creating 3D printed pet souvenirs is relatively simple. Andersen explained: "We have many artists who will convert about 10 pet photos into full-color sculptures. Then we use 3D systems Projet 660 Pro to 3D print the sculptures."
    So far, Arty Lobster mainly uses 3D printed dog, cat, and horse sculptures, but there will also be other pet models.
    We also have the opportunity to create leopard geckos, pigs and guinea pigs. Some of the more challenging pets, such as very fluffy dogs, such as bichon frises or poodles, have too fine fur to be accurately 3D printed. Scanning a furry dog ​​is also impossible, so we use our own artists to create a 3D printable pet art image.
    Andersen said: "3D printing memorial pets are slowly becoming more and more accepted. It is completely normal to feel sad about our pets passing away. But 3D printing technology can help people remember their pets forever"